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Sunbelt provides Buyers with access to thousands of profitable businesses.

Is it your time to buy? Let Sunbelt Business Brokers help you buy your next job. Our objective is to facilitate a mutually successful transition of ownership, where both the Buyer and Seller accomplish their goals. Both first-time and experienced, our international network of professionals can find a suitable opportunity for you across town or around the globe. Because we are where you are, and where you want to be, we save you time and money by effectively finding “business for sale” listings for you, regardless of the distance.

With thirty years of experience, Sunbelt knows that buying an existing business has many advantages to offer a new owner, such as:

·          Actual financial performance, rather than projections

·          Immediate cash flow

·          Trained employees

·          Reputable suppliers and trade credit

·          Established customers, name recognition and location

·          Existing licenses and permits

·          Equipped and operating facility

·          Training provided by a knowledgeable Seller

·          Availability of Seller financing



We understand the importance of a successful transaction. Sunbelt business brokers add value to the process by offering:

·          Guidance in choosing the right kind of business to meet your goals

·          Confidentiality of your identity and financial information

·          Negotiation of offers and counter-offers

·          Assistance with financing and terms

·          Networking with attorneys, accountants and CPA’s

·          Transition and integration from Buyer to owner

We can help you find the right business for you. Make an appointment with one of business brokers and learn how Sunbelt can work for you.

With Sunbelt, you can find a business that you will be passionate about for life. You will also have peace of mind knowing that you have purchased the right business for you and your lifestyle.

Because we help more than 4,000 Buyers like you every year, we understand your needs.


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